The Story

Flanders Game Hub is an accelerator within Flanders’ game industry. Founded by Hangar K, FLEGA, Howest DAE, DAE Studios, Department of Culture, Youth and Media, VAF, VLAIO, FIT and with the support of various actors in the Flemish video game environment. Flanders Game Hub forms the driving force behind a strong game and entertainment XR industry in Flanders.

The game industry is constantly evolving. Flanders has a talented game industry, or how we like to call it “gamesphere”. Flanders Game Hub acts as a launch pad for talented game companies, empowers their growth and will boost the entire game community in Flanders.

Together with experts, investors, partners and other companies bringing in important insights, tons of experience and valuable networks to rely on, we  guide game companies on their mission to the interstellar.

Driven by the Industry

Having our Flanders Game Hub led by successful game studios  ensures real-world insights and strategies for growth. Their experience translates into practical advice and support, guiding studios towards success and innovation. It's expertise that turns potential into achievement.

Facts & Figures


Studios in Belgium


Full Time Jobs


€ Turnover


Studios Coached by FGH


Game Developers Graduating
Every Year in Flanders


New Startup Studios 
Every Year in Flanders

The Team

Rik Leenknegt

Michiel Houwen

Acceleration Manager
Natascha Rommens

Project Manager Unwrap
Emma De Smet

Community Manager & Event Assistant

Chief the Dog

Eating Cookies

Our Base Camp

Hangar K

Nelson Mandelaplein, 8500 Kortrijk

Work with us

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We believe in the power of a valuable network. Are you a game studio, investor, enthusiast, entrepreneur or expert willing to contribute to our story? Or do you want to request support for your game project? Get in touch using the contact form below and we'll reply as soon as possible.

Is the program free?

Yes. There is no price tag attached.

Do you provide funding?

No. Flanders Game Hub facilitates access to funding through its network of public funds, publishers, angel investors and VCs.

When should I apply?

We are able to support studios that are in the prototype phase all the way to post-release. Ideally, you have 1) a game, 2) a company, 3) a company vision/strategy.

Can everyone apply?

Every studio located in Flanders and Brussels can apply for coaching and support at the Flanders Game Hub.

What does the Flanders Game Hub do?

Flanders Game Hub provides mentorship and guidance by international industry experts, frequent network & playtest opportunities, training and workshops, access to funding, exposure and promotion, and last but not least, a vibrant community of developers encouraging collaboration, knowledge sharing and peer support.

What is the Flanders Game Hub?

Our mission is to empower startups and game studios, cultivating a supportive community while driving professionalism and economic growth within our industry. Backed by a network of experts, investors, and partners providing invaluable insights and experience, we are dedicated to steering your game company towards success.