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How We Coach Studios

The Flanders Game Hub supports game studios by setting key production milestones to advance projects and teams. These milestones aim for a strong game presentation and funding pitch.

Studios get expert advice from seasoned industry professionals and a dedicated coach with a history of successful games. The focus is on refining studio workflows for professionalism and enduring success, making sure expertise drives studio growth.

Offering Numerous Advantages

Expert Talks


Gain insights from industry experts through our talks and info sessions. They share practical knowledge and strategies in game development and game business, helping you grow and succeed.

1-on-1 guidance


Get personalized advice from top experts chosen to lift your studio and game projects higher, maximizing your success. Tailored guidance ensures you're on the best path forward.

Relevant Perks


Benefit from our collaborative advantages: attend top industry career fairs, the Unwrap conference, participate in game jams, and join relevant meetups. Enhance your skills and network with our diverse offerings.



Leverage our expanding network of publishers, investors, and key industry contacts. We'll connect you to those who can turn your game development dreams into reality, boosting your project's visibility and potential.

Ecosystem Opportunities


Tap into the rapidly evolving Flanders gaming scene. Leverage local talent, flourishing studios, and financial tools available to propel your project forward and secure its success.



Join our community gatherings to share experiences and learn from those who've achieved commercial success in gaming. Discover the value of unity and shared knowledge in our meet-ups.

The timeline

1 Jun
How To Apply Sessions


1 Jun


How To Apply Sessions


Roadshow through Flanders with presentations on what the Flanders Game Hub has to offer an how to apply for coaching

1 Sep
Studio Selection


1 Sep


Studio Selection


Selecting the new batch of studios that will receive coaching by the Flanders Game Hub for '24-'25

5 Nov
Expert Day


5 Nov


Expert Day


Present your studio and project in front of a panel of international experts with relevant expertise in the game industry

24 Nov
Start Coaching


24 Nov


Start Coaching


Kick-off and official start of the coaching trajectory of '24 - '25

Our Experts

Jason Della Rocca

Game Business Consultant

Game Business

Rami Ismail

Indie Consultant

Game Business

Cassia Curran

publishing and investment veteran

Market Research

Nicolas Pirot

Technical Artist at ZA/UM

Game Art

Bernard Janssens

Publishing Producer

Facts & Figures


Studios in Belgium


Full Time Jobs


€ Turnover


Studios Coached by FGH


Game Developers Graduating
Every Year in Flanders


New Startup Studios 
Every Year in Flanders

I Want To Apply

We are accepting studios for the next coaching track in 2024! Stay tuned for our first 'How To Apply' sessions, but in the meantime, don't hesitate to send us your pitch!

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What is the Flanders Game Hub?

Our mission is to empower startups and game studios, cultivating a supportive community while driving professionalism and economic growth within our industry. Backed by a network of experts, investors, and partners providing invaluable insights and experience, we are dedicated to steering your game company towards success.

What does the Flanders Game Hub do?

Flanders Game Hub provides mentorship and guidance by international industry experts, frequent network & playtest opportunities, training and workshops, access to funding, exposure and promotion, and last but not least, a vibrant community of developers encouraging collaboration, knowledge sharing and peer support.

Can everyone apply?

Every studio located in Flanders and Brussels can apply for coaching and support at the Flanders Game Hub.

When should I apply?

We are able to support studios that are in the prototype phase all the way to post-release. Ideally, you have 1) a game, 2) a company, 3) a company vision/strategy.

Do you provide funding?

No. Flanders Game Hub facilitates access to funding through its network of public funds, publishers, angel investors and VCs.

Is the program free?

Yes. There is no price tag attached.

Our Studios

Explore the studios the Flanders Game Hub is currently accelerating in the inaugural coaching program. Take a look at their projects and reach out to us if you want to explore collaboration opportunities of any kind. 

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