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We’re Oisoi Studio. We made “Painting VR”, a space where you can experience the joy of painting enhanced with VR possibilities, and an unlimited supply of paint, tools and canvases. Our goal is to keep building VR experiences that give artists and creatives affordable new ways to express themselves.

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So you want to be a virtual artist? Pick your favorite colors, dip in your brush and start creating!

Painting VR is a +10.000 square feet virtual painter’s studio with an unlimited supply of paint, inspiring tools, and canvases of all sizes. Once finished, you can share your work with the Painting VR community, or even the world!

Play around and feel the relaxing satisfaction of putting bright, fresh paint on a canvas. First, teach yourself the basics of colors, painting, and composition. Then, sharpen your skills by experimenting with the tools and techniques at hand and become part of a new wave of digital artists—all without having to clean up afterward. With a standalone headset, you can take your studio wherever you want!

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