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Realm Architect

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Realm Architect is a new worldbuilding Virtual Tabletop solution with a modern and intuitive user interface. It completely changes the way you create and play TTRPG campaigns, makes it easier than ever before to set up entire worlds, or Realms as they are called, and removes the time-consuming stress of preparing everything down to the most minor of details.

Realm Architect has had a very successful Kickstarter with 922 backers pledging €113,568 to help bring this project to life. As such, it became one of the biggest successful Belgian Kickstarter campaigns of all time.

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Realm Architect

Realm Architect simplifies the process of designing and experiencing TTRPGs, reducing the considerable time and preparation typically required. It serves as a creative engine that empowers content creators and end users to swiftly build worlds and campaigns. Users can expedite the creation of content and seamlessly publish it to the marketplace. For those who prefer not to engage in the creative aspect, the marketplace offers a convenient option to purchase ready-made content, providing a plug-and-play solution for an enhanced gaming experience.

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